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Deckbuild is a well established landscape construction company who’s ethos is the same today as it was 15 years ago. To provide the highest standard of construction landscaping using natural materials with as little environmental impact as possible.

We believe the most important part of any project is the planning stage, so it’s essential you have the right designer on your side, who will cater for your individual needs to create the outdoor space you desire. Without the need to subcontract work out to other companies. Quality is never compromised.

It is the championing of these principles that has seen satisfied clients across the NorthWest of England.

Like all businesses Deckbuild’s greatest asset is our team of experienced craftsmen, that care as much about your project as you.

Using the highest grade materials with a bespoke design rest assured our team of polite conscientious craftsmen will complete your project on time on budget and above all will exceed your expectations.


Softwood decking boards have tended to dominate the market given their ready availability at low prices. Of late, however, there has been a shift in demand towards more attractive, high quality hardwoods that, unlike their cheaper counterparts, offer a lifetime of service.

Amongst these are Massaranduba, Balau and, perhaps toughest of all decking timbers, Ipe. The latter is native to South America, where locals refer to it as ‘Ironwood’ given its outstanding durability, density and natural resistance to both insect and fungal attacks.

It offers a century of service, even without treatment, and will look good all the while. Ipe features rich, dark grains which offer a contemporary, luxurious finish and boasts eye-catching colour variations, with sparks of red, green and brown. These properties have seen it move to the fore of the market, particularly over the last two years.

The development of the hardwood decking market has led to the innovation range of hidden fastening systems – that are not suitable for use with softwood given its propensity to shift .

Hidden fastenings allow decking boards to be fixed without the need for unsightly face screws, allowing them to be displayed to their full potential. As such, they represent a logical accessory for those who have the made the often significant investment in a hardwood deck.

As the fasteners clip into the sides of adjoining boards, they require a groove to be routed into the timber with a biscuit jointer on site. Whilst this can prove time consuming, the rewards are immediately there to be seen.


Choosing the right stone to compliment your design and taste is such an important part of any project,

Benefits of Natural Stone

Why choose Natural Stone Landscaping Products over concrete equivalent products?


Natural Stone landscaping products are more attractive than concrete equivalents.


Each piece of natural stone has a unique blend of colours and tones which makes your garden, driveway or landscape, completely bespoke unlike manufactured concrete where all pieces are identical and comparatively characterless.


The colour in natural stone is not pigmented unlike concrete, making it more attractive.


Natural stone will retain its look over time, as opposed to concrete which is manufactured from composite aggregate mixes that become exposed after a few years of trafficking.


Natural stone is a durable frost resistant paving


Natural Stone landscaping products are easier to maintain than concrete equivalents.


Natural stone is easy to clean.


Natural Stone landscaping products are a better investment than concrete equivalents: Using natural stone materials will add greater value to your property.


Natural stone does not necessarily have to cost more than using equivalent concrete products.

Resin bound drives

The ultimate driveway surface
Matrix is a Resin bound surfacing system used for overlaying asphalt or concrete surfaces. A 2-part resin is mixed with aggregate meaning that it becomes fully encapsulated within resin and is trowelled out to a specific depth.


It is the ultimate aggregate surfacing system; its great aesthetics and high performance means that it leads the field.

It forms a futuristic, seamless, hard wearing and maintenance free surface which is particularly suited to driveways and urban environments.

Jointing & pointing

For decades, filling (pointing) the joints between paving slabs and setts with traditional mortar has been a skilled, laborious and time consuming chore.

Often on a paving project, traditional wet mortar pointing can take nearly as long as laying the paving area itself. First impressions count and nowhere is this more apparent in paving projects, where good or bad pointing can make or break a job.

Weather during pointing has always been important.  all contractors who have laid paving will no doubt have experienced the extreme frustration of not being able to point due to inclement weather conditions, resin pointing gives you a much greater window of opportunity to point.

ProJoint™ resin pointing systems have a number of distinct advantages and have a proven record of strength and durability.

With years off experience and technical knowledge we will provide and install the right resin joint for the job.


Planning and most importantly the design process, is the key to producing any water feature or building a pond to a high standard and it’s also the only way to satisfy everyone’s requirements. Designs are used in all forms of construction and redevelopments, so why should your pond or water feature be any different?

Using only GRP to line our ponds we can guarantee a life time of stress free pleasure for you and the wildlife it attracts.

Clearance and groundwork

We dispose of any waste prior to starting the project, be that undergrowth, trees, rotting shed, derelict garage or any other material. After completion, we make it a priority to ensure that the space is cleared and left in a tidy and usable state ready for ground works to commence.

It is essential to carry out the correct groundwork before a build begins, ensuring the surface will carry your structure or hard standing and provide a firm foundation for many years to come.

We aim to recycle as much as possible at the groundwork stage this in turn lowers project costs and environmental impact.


Modern artificial grasses feel and look very similar to a natural lawn and can offer many years of low maintenance and a practical substitute for your outside space, be it a patio, balcony, roof terrace, or children’s play area, providing a year-round lush green look. Furthermore, adding value to your home can prove costly, but installing artificial grass to your outside space (prices vary depending on the quality, pile height, usage and colour), can add value without breaking the bank.

Some of the benefits of such an installation include:

  • Works in shaded areas and around trees where grass can suffer from competition
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Saves water throughout the summer
  • No pesticides/fertilisers required
  • Safe for children and pets to play on (available with critical fall height underlay)
  • Hard wearing and long lasting
  • No mud
  • UV stable
  • Cleans easily with no stains
  • No watering required

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Using the highest grade materials with a bespoke design rest assured our team of polite conscientious craftsmen will complete your project on time on budget and above all will exceed your expectations.

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